Analysis of Joint Speech-Text Embeddings for Semantic Matching

H. M. Shahrin, I. Kukanov

SLT 2023, Doha, Qatar 2022


Polyphonic Sound Event Detection: Phonetic Features and Environmental Sounds

I. Kukanov

Department School of Computing, University of Eastern Finland, Finland 2021


Cost Sensitive Optimization of Deepfake Detector

I. Kukanov, J. Karttunen, H. Sillanpää, V. Hautamäki

APSIPA 2020, Auckland, New Zealand 2020

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DigiMo - Towards Developing an Emotional Intelligent Chatbot in Singapore

A. I. Niculescu, I. Kukanov, B. Wadhwa

AsianCHI 2020, Honolulu, HI, USA 2020


Maximal Figure-of-Merit Framework to Detect Multi-label Phonetic Features for Spoken Language Recognition

I. Kukanov, T. N. Trong, V. Hautamäki, S. M. Siniscalchi, V. M. Salerno, K. A. Lee

IEEE Transactions on Audio, Speech and Language Processing 2019

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The I2R’s Submission To VOiCES Distance Speaker Recognition Challenge 2019

H. Sun, K. K. Teh, I. Kukanov, H. D. Tran

Interspeech, Graz, Austria 2019


I4U Submission to NIST SRE 2018: Leveraging from a Decade of Shared Experiences

Kong Aik Lee, Ville Hautamaki, Tomi Kinnunen, Hitoshi Yamamoto, Koji Okabe, Ville Vestman, Jing Huang, Guohong Ding, Hanwu Sun, Anthony Larcher, Rohan Kumar Das, Haizhou Li, Mickael …

NIST SRE 2018 2019


Maximal Figure-of-Merit Embedding for Multi-label Audio Classification

I. Kukanov, V. Hautamäki, K.A. Lee

ICASSP, Calgary, Alberta, Canada 2018

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Recurrent Neural Network and Maximal Figure of Merit for Acoustic Event Detection

I. Kukanov, V. Hautamäki, K.A. Lee.

DCASE 2017, Munich, Germany 2017

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Deep learning with Maximal Figure-of-Merit Cost to Advance Multi-label Speech Attribute Detection

I. Kukanov, V. Hautamäki, M. Siniscalchi, K. Li

SLT, San Diego, USA 2016

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